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If you are new to blogging hosting a site can be a daunting task. Well, don’t be put off, as the only hard work is initially finding a host worth going with.

Hosting is very competitive and if you do your research the very best hosts can be just as cheap in price as the ‘cheap and nasty’ hosts that provide no service at all or are continually experiencing down time!

So what should you choose when looking to host your blog?
Here is a run down of my Top 10 Features when looking for a Host:

1) Ensure the host uses Linux (they may also use Windows Servers) but for blogging Linux is a must as all good blogging platforms require Linux (not Windows)
2) View the Up-time Stats. This is the amount of time the Server stays running throughout the year – Look for 99.9% up-time.
3) Find a host that offers packages to suit your requirements. If you are starting a blog, you may become hooked and wish to create many more blogs. Bear this is mind, so enquire to see if you can add on domains or easily upgrade to a more expensive hosting package when the time suits you.
4) Go for a host that offers unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space – If you blog becomes a great success you may require a fair chunk of bandwidth – you want to know that the site will remain running and no costs incurred due to bandwidth restrictions. A similar approach to disk space, you should have plenty, but double check no restriction apply.
5) Back-end Control Panel – For example, C-Panel or Helm. These allow you the user to perform tasks without the requirement of the host provider. For example, within the back-end you should be able to perform common tasks, such as creating new email accounts, file uploads, creating sub-domains or add-on domains, install additional software like WordPress, Drupal etc..
6) Hosts Age? Check that they have been around a few years. I know I shouldn’t put a new host down, but I would rather go with a host who has good history than a new start-up host. The main reason being that an old host should have ironed out any server issues and have good procedures in place. A new hosting provider may be a little green, and experience more problems. If the host has a problem, you blog will have a problem!
7) Software Policy – Ask the host if there are limitation on the software you can install. For example you may wish to install a rewrite .dll, in which some hosts may have issues with this, whilst others may already have it, or allow you to install such software.
8) Pricing – Check the past history, you don’t want to sign up for a host that will up their prices at random or on a frequent basis.
9) Reputation – Go with an experienced users advice. I chose my site via a friend you has multiple sites running on the same host. I listened and took his advice. Im glad I did :-)
10) Most importantly SUPPORT. Try to ask other users who host on the same package what the providers support is like. I was once with a host who support was useless, 2 to 3 days to get an answer is not good enough when a problem arises that you need to fix immediately.

There are more things to look out for, but in my opinion the above are the essentials.

So here comes my Sales Pitch. Taking the above points into consideration I cannot praise my current hosts enough. I have hosted with them for over a year now and have never experienced downtime or had any issues what so ever. The support is superb, they have answered all my support emails within 15 minutes of posting, no matter the time of day, or night! Who are they you ask?

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