The Importance of Posting


I’ve been asked many times in the past how often should posts be written?
My answer is always as often as possible, as long as:

1) The posts are written using unique content
2) The posts are worth writing about

Apart from links, the one most important element a search engine spider likes in new unique content on a regular basis. Think of it as a pet, the more you feed it, the friendlier it becomes and the more it follows you about. If Google knows you can fill its index with unique quality content it will keep returning to see what else it can crawl, stop providing content (feeding) for long period of time, it will go elsewhere and not return as frequently, just like a pet will always goto the one who feeds it and pays it the most attention.

Another important point is the timing of the post. If you are writing about a new camera you should investigate and write about the product before it comes available the market, by then you will have a good blog history on the product and should almost always outrank your competitors as you had the unique product content online first, with a longer history (in Google). Only the massive sites may  outrank you in this situation, or sites with more links in with the product text as the anchor link.

Additionally the more posts you write, the larger your blog will come, meaning:

1) More exposure and web presence.
2) Better Google rankings. Larger sites rank much higher than small sites.
3)Improved internal link count. One of Googles ranking factors is internal link text, creating additional pages mean more internal links via navigation and in-line links.

In terms of creating a blog to make money online, the more pages / content created means more opportunities to earn extra cash via product affiliates, AdSense, banners etc.

If you have anymore ideas on the importance of posts please comment below

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