Keyword Research – The Importance


Targeted traffic is the key to online success. If you target the correct keywords, making money online will become much easier.

It won’t happen overnight, but creating a permanent page which targets keywords that gain searches will drive traffic to your website.

Depending on how competitive these phrases are will depend on the time and investment required to gain high rankings within Google and other search engines.

If you are just starting out with a small site, it is pretty much pointless going after the huge phrases at first, for example ‘car insurance’ or ‘loans’ – 99.9% these types of phrases will gain you no traffic due to the competitive nature and other high profile websites already ranking for them.

Targeting the ‘long tail’ phrase will be much easier to rank, and therefore profitable far quicker.  For example, ‘cheapest car insurance company’ or ‘small business loans’ – still competitive but much more realistic to rank for with a certain budget and time scale implemented.

These examples are very competitive, but are there to give you an indication that you shouldn’t be targeting just the one word phrase, in fact research has shown that more and more searchers are starting to use ‘long tail’ phrases, mainly because web users are becoming more ‘web savvy’ and know exactly what they are looking for, most users know that by typing in two to three keyphrases within one search query will provide them with more accurate results.

So there you have the importance of keyword selection, but where do you obtain the traffic figures from? Hmm this is a good question and I have yet to find an accurate solution, or two keyword research tools that provide the same numbers!

Part 2 will provide you with some keyword tool I have found useful.

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