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Creating a blog to make money online is fairly easy. As long as you have an interest or an in-depth knowledge of the content you are writing about.

Most people jump in and start a blog on what they think is going to generate them the most money online, where in actual fact if you concentrate on what you know best, money will still be made, and generated more easily.

Write about something you are interested in or feel passionate about. If you just try to target the high money subjects, for example finance, loans, insurance, mortgages which you may have no interest or experience  in. Creating unique content will become extremely difficult and you’ll soon find yourself loosing interest, especially if your online earnings are slow or minimal.

Whatever subject you choose, these are always opportunities to make money online from a blog you are passionate about. For example, if you enjoy gardening and create a successful blog you may attract interest from local garden centres wishing to advertise, or you could write product reviews. If you become a good reviewer local stores may invite you to write about there products for cash or goods.

One of the most profitable ways to make an online income is via affiliate marketing, which this blog will go into great depth. With the above example, product reviews could be written on the high monetized subjects, including garden sheds, lawn mowers, garden furniture etc. An affiliate link could be created from a popular affiliate program, or via an online e-commerce site selling the products you wish to affiliate with.

Ad space within the blog will also provide an income, from banners to PPC (AdSense). However with AdSense, this is where a high target page would generate more income, for example create a page on “Insurance for your Garden Tools” with AdSense linking to insurance sites will create more on your cost per click, than AdSense on a page talking about garden seeds!

The key to success for generating online money from a blog is to gain targeted traffic to your website, with quality traffic money via the above should come easily.

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