If your just getting into writing blogs, the most important choice you need to make is the platform you intend to use to create the blog.

There are a few blog platforms to choose, the most common ones being WordPress, Blogger and Drupal.

I have used Blogger in the past, but WordPress is my preferred choice of blogging platforms. It’s backend is so simple to use and you can have a blog up and running within minutes…well, OK within 30 minutes!

So, what makes Wordpress so GREAT! Well its hard to list all the points, but these are my top 10 reasons:

1) Open Source, so its being improved all the time. There have been a few know security issues, but if you keep upto date with the latest version you shouldn’t encounter any problems.
2) Permalinks, allows you create SEO friendly URLS with no experience of URL rewrites required. So instead of having variables within the URL, you can create static looking ones like: http://www.monetize-online.com/make-money-online/
3) Media, upload images into the media library without the requirements of continually having to use separate FTP programs. Its a simple and fast process.
4) Widgets, allow you to easily insert components into the design (similar to plug-ins) for example blogrolls, archive links can be added or removed with ease.
5) Plug-ins, if you’re looking for a feature to add into the blog, for example a calendar, a featured content rotators or any other gizmo that will make you blog look the business then plug-ins are for you. Most are free and can be installed and inuse within minutes. Creating these plug-ins for a traditional website would cost a lot in time and money.
6) Posts / Pages, WordPress needn’t look like a blog, by disabling the posts and just using the pages it could look like any other website, or vice versa.
7) Contributors, creating a blog for money can become tedious as your always trying to generate unique content, all the time. With WordPress you can easily add other authors and contributions. Privileges can be set so they can add content to the blog but not disrupt the actual design or layout.
8) Tagging, creating tags create additional pages which can be indexed by Google, although this creates duplicates and have seen now harm caused, in fact a lot of my tag pages appear higher up the search engines than my posts. Its a great method of doubling the size of a blog without too much effort.
9) Themes, my favourite part. The themes (template designs) available for WordPress are varied, some are free and some are paid. Personally I would purchase a professional theme from the start. If you intend to make money from the blog, the blog needs to look good and keep your users interested. The advantage of themes is you simply upload and click a button, that it, the new theme is installed. One tip though – turn off your plug-ins when converting across to a ne theme, the install will be a lot smoother.
10) Oh and its totally free, so go and download Wordpress for yourself.
I don’t have a vast experience with other platforms, simply because WordPress works for me and has never let me down. So this money making blog will mainly focus on wordpress techniques, and on occasionally divert to other platforms.

So what are your favourite features or reasons why you use wordpress?
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